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Don’t be bound by the outdated processes associated with manual MICR document print systems.

Signa is a comprehensive Intranet based print-on-demand check printing software for the entire enterprise.  Signa will:

  • Automate your entire MICR document creation process
  • Significantly increase document productivity
  • Improve document creation security
  • Track and record critical information
  • Help you provide a better customer service experience

Signa benefits

Centralized Data Storage
Transactions, modifications and edits are stored in a centralized database providing the ability to perform complete and accurate research and reporting for all locations from any locale.

User, Group, Document, and Data Security
A wide array of security features provide:

  • Security management by users, groups, menu access, and document privileges
  • Improved process efficiency while maintaining strict control of access privileges
  • Support for document fraud prevention
  • Extensive use of data encryption - all client/server transactions employ encrypted XML data communication

Improved Performance and Application Maintenance
Signa utilizes an efficient deployment process to reduce the need for IT involvement.  Advanced technologies within Microsoft’s .NET Framework makes deployment easy.

  • Single-server deployment regardless of scope
  • Centralized deployment of client software provides full version and update control
  • Centralized application administration

BSA and Other Compliance Reporting Tools
Embedded Patriot Act and BSA reports provide detailed analysis of MICR transactions for the entire database.  Any action performed on a transaction is recorded and available for transaction reporting to assist you with your AML compliance processes.  Monetary Instrument Log and Currency Transaction Reports further complement the report offerings within Signa.

Robust and Versatile Architecture
Based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework and operating within an nTier software architecture, Signa can easily integrate with in-house or other third-party systems. These interface and import/export options stand outside of the base code providing your organization the ability to modify or adjust functions without requiring a full-scale product/version update.

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