eSIGNA Lite - Starter / Counter / Temporary Checks on Demand

If you are bound by the limitations of using a manual or outdated processes and tired of the operational issues associated with issuing MICR documents, consider deploying 3Core Software’s eSL Starter Check Issuance Software.

eSL Starter Check is the newest Internet/Intranet based print-on-demand check issuance software designed for Windows based PCs and Citrix clients. The clients communicate with Microsoft’s SQL server. The client interface enables you to produce personalized Counter, Starter and Temporary,  all with your bank’s logo and special MICR lines.

This single software application can automate your entire process, potentially triple your document productivity, increase security, track and record critical information and increase your overall customer service.

Integrate eSL Starter Checks in the Teller Line, in Private Banking, in Personal and Business Banking - everywhere customer service is critical.

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