Levy Process Management & Garnishment Tracking

Levenger is a must-have resource for organizations wanting to:

  • Reduce the liabilities associated with levies and garnishments
  • Improve operational performance
    Save time and money currently spent on garnishment & levy management
  • Automate levy compliance tasks
    Ease the reporting burden via a rich report module
  • Track every step in the levy process
  • Enhance their ability to achieve regulatory compliance with respect to court ordered garnishments and IRS levies
  • Benefit from the convenience of holistic management and tracking of every aspect of levy processing

Features include

  • Ability to store levy, garnishment, subpoena, decedent processing information
  • Integrated check issuance
  • Ability to print letter payments with complete levy data
  • Managing of protected funds
  • Uploading of transactional data to core system
  • Enhanced research and reporting tools
  • Tracking and management of fee income
  • Processing for local, state, and federal agencies
  • Customized Response letters to attorneys, plaintiffs, customers and agencies
  • Provides interfaces with Document Management Systems (custom feature)

Levenger solves the problems associated with levy management and handles every aspect of the levy process from the tracking and printing of response letters to the generation of Official Checks and GL entries. Whether your team is centralized or diverse, Levenger is your enterprise solution.

Multi-state Support

Levenger accommodates multiple state transactions via consolidation of all 50 states into one central location. Levenger accomplishes this by providing configuration options for Levy Case Types and Levy Bodies unique to the state issuing the Levy.

Payment Processing

Levenger Processes payments through an integrated payments module designed to produce any required MICR encoded document type including official checks and general ledger tickets. Once a levied amount is marked for payment, the official check is ready for printing complete with logo, digitized signature, and MICR information.  Document security and audit reports are maintained throughout the payment processes.

Electronic or MICR Encoded Document Support

The Levenger system will produce electronic entries or MICR-encoded general ledger tickets for both customer debits and credits.

Levenger can be configured to produce any number of MICR encoded documents for customer holds and release.  In addition, real-time interfaces or export files can also be generated to update core systems with customer debit and credit transactions.

Levenger can also produce printed file and customer copies. The generation and printing of these documents is seamless and automatic based on account tasks completed by levy operators.

Partial Release & Partial Payments

Partial Payment and Release tasks are available for levy operators to schedule and complete. You define how, when and how much to release back to the customer or levying body. Optional electronic or printing of G/L tickets for each payment is supported.

Support of Local, State and Federal Requirements

The varying process requirements of local, state, and federal government agencies are supported via configurable tasks and task deadlines for each entity. This flexibility in configuring and managing process flow for any document at any level.  Each task can be assigned, available, or pre-selected with a scheduled due date to ensure compliance the requirements of any jurisdiction.

Flexible Response Letter Generation

In addition to being able to meet the varying process requirements of any jurisdiction, Levenger can generate and send response letters to levying bodies, attorneys, courts, and customers.   Levenger allows your team to create response letters for each recipient via an embedded Rich Text Format (RTF) editor.  Letters are generated from a stored library of letter templates. Each letter is assigned to one or more case types and uses powerful document macros to pull in levy entry information.  Letters are configured on a recipient by recipient basis to ensure proper presentation.

Letters to the Court

Levenger can be customized with the sophisticated business logic needed to generate the appropriate letters to the court in response to any levy management situation.  Each letter can be saved in RTF format for further editing, filing or research as desired.

Protected Funds (Federal Exempt benefits)?

Levenger understands Federally Protected Funds. Once protected funds have been identified, Levenger creates a Protected Funds letter for the customer and reports protected funds in the letter to the court.

In addition to Federally Protected Funds, some states specify a minimum balance to be protected in a customer’s account. Levenger will respect state mandated minimum balance requirements and once identified, report these funds in the response letter to the court as needed.

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