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Issuing and Tracking Collection Letters

Issuing and tracking collection letters are integral parts of many banking operations. With 3Core Software’s collection letter software solution, Protege, your team can fully automate and revolutionize the way you process draft collections.

Protege handles the processing of multiple types of domestic collections including auto drafts, oil and gas leases, NSF checks, foreign drafts and insurance drafts. With its powerful feature set and work flow flexibility, users are able to accurately process, track, record and generate collection activity for all types of drafts in a fraction of the time it takes them to do it manually, or with outdated legacy applications.



A Better Customer Experience

Protege increases your internal process efficiency by reducing research and management costs, improving fee tracking, and helps you better manage and analyze float activity for immediate credit customers. With Protege, department personnel, bank management and auditors have the tools to research and act on critical information.  Customer service is improved when your team has critical collection information at their finger-tips.

Better Data Access & Management

Each time a collection item is entered into Protege, it is added to the transactional database. With minimal effort and time you can audit, print or view online, time-sensitive collection activity through the Daily Letters Input Report, Incoming Payments Report, Outgoing Payments Received Report, Aging for Incoming and Outgoing Report, and the Return Items Report. In addition, there is a powerful ad-hoc Research Reporting feature so you can customize your research criteria.

Consider the following questions when analyzing your current workflow…

  • How automated is your current process? Are there repetitive tasks in the current process (address entries, sending bank, GL generation, etc?
  • What process efficiencies can be gained by automating your current methods for tracking inbound and outbound collection items?
  • For those customers securing immediate credit or floor planning, do you have the ability to accurately track interest charges, available balances and your bank’s liability?
  • Does your current process require managing collection letter activity for multiple branches, regions or states?
  • In what ways could you better utilize existing resources if the time spent on collection letter research was dramatically reduced?
  • If your collections team is centralized, do you have effective tools to support customer or branch inquiries?

Protege’s powerful features enhance your team’s ability to automate the domestic collection letter process

  • Customized hot-keys, pop-up menus and drop-down lists to guide operators through the entire collections processing lifecycle
  • Intuitive research portal to view, edit, and print existing collection letter activity
  • Embedded check issuance and general ledger ticket module to produce incoming payments and MICR encoded debit and credit tickets or electronic general ledger entries
  • “Recall” feature on the Incoming and Outgoing input screens for quickly processing multiple items for the same customer or bank

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