Levenger: Automated Letter Generation

Levenger customers take advantage of automated letter generation for dramatic productivity gains.  In addition, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get organized: Levenger stores all letter templates needed for local, state and federal agencies in the database.  No more wasted time spent searching your PC or the network for a form or letter template.
  • Elimination of redundant data entry: No more time wasted repeatedly entering the same data elements.
  • Event Driven Process Flow: By design, Levenger allows you to assign tasks for each levy/garnishment and tracks the execution of the assigned tasks.  Letter generation can be configured to occur based on the completion of an event or created on demand.
  • Infinitely customizable letters: Letters can be saved for editing with MS Word and/or filed away with your document management system.  Letter templates can be modified as requirements change.
  • Reduced Errors: Data entry errors on letters are eradicated because letters are populated with data from the existing levy/garnishment entry.